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why do codeine make me feel light headed

why do codeine make me feel light headed

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    why do codeine make me feel light headed

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    01.02.2008  It's been 12 days since I stopped taking codeine cold turkey. After an 11 year addiction where I was taking up to 30+ a day( 30mgs). I slipped up on day 4
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    Fifty Shades Darker Read Online Chapter 8. Light headed/dizzy, shaking, weak,.
    Twenty-five is a rough age. Suddenly, you're only five years away from being thirty. You start analyzing every aspect of your life. Where is it going? Why aren't I
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    why does popcorn make me sick everytime i.

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    Light headed/dizzy, shaking, weak, numb/tingling on fingers and toes, flushed

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