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tylenol sinus recall 2010

2010 Safety Alerts for Human Medical.
Recall of Darvocet and Darvon Recommended.
Our Consumer Care Center is here to answer your questions about product recalls and provide information about receiving a refund or coupon for recalled products.
Tylenol Sinus contains two medications, acetaminophen which is used to treat pain and fever and phenylephrine which is a decongestant used to treat sinus and nasal
UPDATE 11/19/2010: The FDA decided to recall Darvocet and Darvon in November 2010. A panel of outside advisors to the FDA have recommended that the agency withdraw

tylenol sinus recall 2010

2013 Tylenol Recall | The I Feel Alive.

Is it safe to take Tylenol Sinus during.

2013 Tylenol Recall | The I Feel Alive. MCNEIL PRODUCT RECALL
Tylenol is one of the most popular painkillers in the world, yet it has been linked to a number of serious Tylenol side effects. Attorneys are investigating Tylenol
2010 Safety Alerts for Human Medical.
2013 tylenol recall. Tylenol recall -, On may 4th, 2010, the drugs children‚€™s tylenol, motrin, zyrtec and benadryl were voluntarily recalled by
Tylenol Recall?: I went to Rite Aid for Tylenol Sinus medicine and noticed there was no Tylenol on the shelves. ¬ A co-worker told me they pulled everything - a

Tylenol Recall? - June 2012 Birth Club.

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    tylenol sinus recall 2010