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dilating and constricting pupils

Crested Gecko Pupil Constriction/Dilation.
  • Why do doctors shine their flash light in.

  • What is the pupil? The colored part of the eye is called the iris. It is a circular muscle, similar in shape to a donut. The empty hole in the middle, which allows
    Causes Of Eye Pupil Enlargement. The pupil is the round black center of the eye. It is the opening that lets light into the eyeball. The colored iris surrounds the pupil.

    dilating and constricting pupils

    Muscle Contraction

    Pupil Problems - McLeish Optometrists

    Pupil Problems - McLeish Optometrists Crested gecko (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) eyes in dark, and what happens when light comes into the picture.
    Unequal pupils, irregular pupils and pupillary defects Your pupils and pupil reactions are an important part of the eye examination.

    Anisocoria and Horner's Syndrome — AAPOS

    24.09.2008  Best Answer: Doctors are checking to see how your pupils react to light. I work as a paramedic, and we do the same thing to help assess patient status. A

    dilating and constricting pupils

    Causes Of Eye Pupil Enlargement |.
    Python Constricting Man Discovery Channel .